Cranny Granny


Cranny Granny is a hand crafted hard apple cider made with freshly grown Granny Smith Apples from the Pacific Northwest and infused with fresh Cranberry Juice. Cranny Granny boasts an abundance of candied green apple and fresh cranberry aromatics, and leaves the palate with a tart, yet fresh, finish. Cheers!



Naturally Gluten Free


Naturally Fermented

Rough Filtered / Cloudy

Washington Apples

Cold-Pressed / Fresh Pressed Juice

Not from Concentrate

No Colorants



On Tap - Tasting Room Only

Growler - Tasting Room Only

2.25 Gallon Pig - Tasting Room Only

22oz Bottle

30L 1-way Keg

1/6 Barrel

1/2 Barrel

(509) 627-3100

9312 W 10th Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336